Code of Conduct

Fredericia Shipping A/S is a family owned and managed company established in 1973.

We strive to offer our customers service oriented, competitive, and innovative solutions, which always comply with applicable legislation.

Work Environment

  • We advocate for equal treatment and combating discrimination regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, political opinion, and sexual orientation.
  • We strive to create and maintain a company culture where we help each other and communicate in a good tone with absence of bullying and harassment. We also focus on avoiding stress and work overload.
  • We respect the employees’ right to freely join a union and collective agreements.


  • We strive to create and maintain a work environment, that inspires employees to identify and prevent mistakes and work accidents. This includes the duty to stop and be open about unsafe situations and violations of rules. In addition, it includes personal responsibility for making use of the safety measures and assistive devices that are made available at the workplace.

Environment & Climate

  • We work to promote sustainability and focus on minimizing negative environmental impact. This includes our own internal work procedures, but also promotion of green transport and logistics solution for our customers and business partners.
  • We work to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and to identify new possibilities for energy efficiency improvements and green initiatives.
  • We advocate for openness about risks and damages on the environment as a result of our activities.

Business Ethics

  • We have zero tolerance towards fraud and corruption.
  • We advocate for open and equal competition.
  • Our business decisions are based on professional assessments in accordance with the interests of the company, not personal interests.